Friday, April 15, 2011

Custom Made Birthday Day Cake by my niece, Raiena

This is my birthday cake, done by my niece... with my sis's supervision. Isn't it just yummy?
Adapted from Nigella's recipe... chocolate cake with ganache, with oreo, ferrero and choc chips topping! OMG isn't that just heaven? Added  with a snow of dried coconut shavings.... strawberries dah kena songlap.... otherwise, I think it would've looked very very pro and scrumptious!

Thanks Raiena dear... lil chef!

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Anonymous said...

hehe..tu yg the cake nampak gelap jeer if ada strawberries mesti berseri..i think with encouragemt raiena mmg ada gene suka masak..nanti adik do entry on her junior masterchef wannabe cooking utensils plak.. she wanted purple takde so i got her neon green..