Thursday, April 7, 2011

A House Of Our Own... in progress

My God, these few days has been hectic....

The planning process itself, is such a warzone... :D

Anyways, following the footsteps of my good fren Mona, buying over old housing in good area and renovating it to their own taste. Nowdays, this option is way cheaper than buying a brand new house in a good area. If you dun have 1/2 a million laying around, it will be hard to get a decent house in D'sara area.

Govt had this nice plan about SKIM RUMAH PERTAMAKU.... unfortunate... where do you find RM200,000 priced house in D'sara? Apartments.. perhaps... but what about a family of 3 or 4? If the property prices keep spiralling out of control, I'm afraid we have no choice but to move into more rural area to get a decent 2 storey house with a tiny lawn.... Heck, even Semenyih & Nilai property is more than RM300K now!.... If only we had better transportation system that allows commuting rural area into the city a breeze.... dun even mention Komuter laa.... it is a sad piece of antique to remind how backward our transportation system is. .. dari aku kecik hingga la ni... masih sama aja..... My God, tak buleh ka upgrade skit?

So, anyways... here I am, wiv hubby in our major project to renovate an old house into our dream house.

So, if you guys know any good contractors in doing renovation work at great affordable price.. do let me know.
Or any great bargain for tiles, lighting, paint, wiring guy... plaster ceiling... etc... pls let me know.

Thank you in advance.


Hazey said...

Great dear, I pun nak carik contractor 'murah-murah' nak buat built in cabinet/wardrobe.. !

Bitter Sweet said...

linda, ko ada jugak baca blog mummy peejburhan tu kan, apa ke nama eh nama blog mak dia tu ..

tajuk blog dia value of life

aunty tu ada buat renovate past few months, dan hasil sgt memuaskan..try la tanya aunty tu

AnnaYJia said...

Hope that you can move into your dream house asap =)

shuhada said...

alhamdulilah..dah beli rumah sendiri..bagus2..bagus.tahniah...nanti buat house warming tau..:)

Hazey said...

Linda .. congrats on the Lancome Assignment!