Friday, April 22, 2011

Phuket Party Plan – Suspended (another flight ticket down the drain!)

delayed entry due to internet prob last nite

Gosh, I juz finish watching the movie, Lucky 7….

I thought it was not bad romantic storyline… AND

Much to my chagrin, it reminded me of how our plans for the anniversary holiday trip to Phuket may be cancelled becoz of unavoidable call of duty (his work)

This adds to our second list of cancelled already paid overseas trip! We had to forfeit Vietnam trip as well for the same reason. Nevermind la… apa nak buat.

Well, let’s hope there’s some other flight promotions soon.

(the darn internet is down, so I had to write this down on ms word.. since I can’t sleep, dunno wat else to do….. I already made dessert earlier, so takkan nak bake cake lagi)

So, this is another insomniac entry of mine…. Written offline

Yes, if u had time and money… where is your dream destination to go? Why?

As for me, I have loads of place I would like to go…. Mostly places with ancient history and vibrant with life (or the life before it) Like my essay written in form 4,

I would like to go to Egypt… I would love to see and touch the spectacular ancient work of art and stand on the same ground which many powerful ruler stood during their crazy reign. I just want to touch their walls…. Their pretty art intrigues me so much, like how you admire the beauty of how the sand looks like at the beach after the wave has pulled back.

I would also like to go to Monte Carlo, Rio de Janeira and its neighbouring lovely places. I would like to live and experience their carefree colourful life …. Celebration of being alive! A city that never lets modernism take over their complete everyday live and culture.

Yes, I would like to go to their ‘pasar’ or bazaar and see their food, knick knacks…. I juz love going to wet markets whenever I travel places. It gives me a closer glimpse of their culture much better that a museum has to offer.

I do not have desire to go to cold countries for vacation. Snow and cold climate does not go well with me. I find it is disturbing to look at the sun, and yet cannot fell its warmth and ray of shine on my skin. Reminds me of seeing things thru glass window. So near yet, so far. I find the cold draft sickens my sinus and wrecks havoc on my nose and ears.

Sea, sun and sands doesn’t really rock my world jugak… as I already have that… I live in Terengganu since I was 3yrs old, where the beach is a mere 5-10 minutes away…. Nonetheless, it never fails to bring the romantic mood… laying by the beach, looking at the sea… listening to nothing but the sound of the beach.

Ahh, yes…. The best trip is to go anywhere really..

as long as it is with sumone you love. Really… anywhere. …

Doesn’t matter near or far…. Though a lovely sunset scenery wouldn’t hurt…. ;-)

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