Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Choosing the easy way out....

Talented young ones seems to die too seems.

You may already know the list ... Cobain, J. Dean, Pheonix and the latest, Winehouse. Whether it is fame, drug or pressure, or the lethal combination of it... I don't know... but one things for sure, sometimes it does feel so easy to choose the short way out.

And when you walk or tread these path, hopefully faith will guide you back home safely, if you don't have one, then make sure you got good friends around to support you when life seems to be too much too handle.

Living on the edge, is fun, I admit... but don't do it constantly, know your limits.... know when to come back down to earth. Know when the party is over.

Becoz once you cross the line, you won't remember where's the original line anymore until it is too late, and you've lost you're way too deep for anybody to help you out. You won't even realize you've fallen off the cliff when that happens.

When I first heard Winehouse, Rehab... I had a different mental picture of her. She was totally different from what i've imagine. She certainly had trademark. But that's it.

Few days ago, heard she passed away. Found old before and after picture of Amy Winehouse.... now her before picture IS more of what I expected. Here's the link :

Sayang sekali... 

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Hazey said...

Setuju 100%, sian gak tengok dia, maybe dia ada sebab yang tersendiri kenapa jadi begini..