Thursday, September 25, 2008

Old diaries....

Yesterday, I found my old diary... well it started off a school project by my old English teacher Pn. Tan.... then, somewhere along the line.. it became a personal diary.. from 1997 till 2005.... Lama tuhh.... but nowadays, since the blogging mania... i think a lot of ppl dun keep diaries anymore.... But for me, mana sama handwritten stuff... x sentimental laa...

I realize how much I've learnt & how far I gone from being a geeky school gal to a geeky mom. The people I met, the people who've gone away..... friends, etc.... long distance relationship... I think I'm gonna con't ....

Another thing is, I'm wondering what happened to Pn Tan?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ramadhan & being a fulltime mommy

First, yes, u all heard the news right .. Linda Elier is no longer in IT. She's now a fulltime mommy.

Hey, but first.. let's hear about my pregnancy! So far so good... I look like I really am pregnant! Haha.... I'm due early Nov... let's pray bby will stick to his ETA.... Doc has advised me not to puasa.. so i'd gain weight more.... hence, taking away the thrill of ramadhan away.... I have plans doing this & that... but tak larat laa..... Hubby been working late lately... Which makes me thankful I've got Sofea to keep me company....

Oh dear, lil loudspeaker woke up... she's trying to massacre the laptop.... I'll sambung later....

Till then, Selamat Berpuasa & Hari Raya to all my friends..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Once in A Lifetime

Hey, this time i'm gonna have a boy! Woahhh! Dun have much boys in my family... so this is gonna be an interesting experience. Let's hope i get to the 9th month marker this time! I wanna look pregnant, when I'm pregnant! & I promise meself I'll take one pic of me being pregnant. Sentimental maa.....

Now, I've always, always wanted to do a make over... but didn't have the courage. Deep inside I wanted to see meself looking picture perfect for just one day..... tapi... malu lah... insecurities made me decide against it. But i tell meself, waste of $$$ la, time la.... etc...etc...

So, one day.... while buying me fren a birthday gift, I was faced again wiv the offer of looking like a model for 300 bucks only. I pondered, i dilly dallied, and i agreed, after seeing an old chinese grandma (75 yrs old) walking out of the dressing room .... HEY! She has the guts, why not me? I'm not gonna tell you the story about the makeover procedure or what.... but it was the things I learnt while chatting with the ladies whilst waiting for our turn for the photoshoot. The 1st lady, was mid age... spoke excellent Brit english.... she just divorced. & said she wanted to " celebrate life"..... She was super positive about it. & I admired her strength. Gave me inspiration that life, no matter how bad it seems, you must always cherish & march forward... coz you still have life to go on. You didn't loose everything.....

Then, I observe few ladies who look kinda like they tried too hard for the role.... well, as long as your happy. And after I was done, looking at the A4 potrait of meself.... I couldn't recognize meself. & that was the problem.

I realised, what's the point of looking like sumone else? What's the point when they 'photoshop' away my significant mole & 'chinese' up my feature? Sure, I wanna look good.... but I had hope a makeover was to highlight the goodstuff about yourself... NOT, blanko everything & give me a new face. I was not impressed..... in fact I left the place feeling 'uglier'..... The only thing worth about the whole experience was talking to the ladies.

So, that was my experience of a makeover.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello again

I've forgotten my login for the other blog, am a bit bored, had to write sumthing as I've been very quite these past month. So, decided to write in here.

Why was I quite?

MOrning sickness got the best of me.... until quite recently, I've recovered. Now, alive n kickin'!

ha ha ha....

My lil gal is well. Still cries everynight though in her sleep. She's now 1 yrs old, if you're wondering.

Life has been a roller coster. Surviving each day with support from a lot of people. Makes you feel very greatful knowing sumone cares about you, apart from mum/dad/hubby of course.

My bestfrens dad passed away. I want to call her, but I don't know what to say. Death is not very familiar topic to me. The most devastating death experience would be of my pets. I really don't know how I would be if my parent were to leave this world. I really cannot imagine.... n that is bad. My life has always revolved around theirs. Even after marriage. Even for my sis.... except my bro.... for a reason. Nevermind that, as it is a old story.

Another news is, I'm pregnant again.... I hope it's a boy this time. One pair would be nice.


Friday, March 7, 2008

New blogsite -

I've moved my blogging to multiply... I found it was a heck more interactive & had more features.