Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pandan Week- attempt no.2 Seri Muka

My mom came visiting and gave me a huge bucketfull of pandan plant. So, I was contemplating to try out caramel pandan...

But instead decided to go for something less crazy with good old malay desserts called seri muka... Or if directly translated would be- glowing face. Wow!!

My whole kitchen smells inviting with pandan aka screwpine aroma...

This is my 2nd attempt.. The first tasted great but the 2 layer didn't stick well.

This one tastes good, simpler to follow recipe... Only my mistake of not keeping an eye on d santan mixture, not stirring continuously made the batter not smooth.

So, great recipe... Pls dont repeat my mistake, am sure urs will turn out great. Mine looks dreadful....with gooey green top.

So, the recipe comes from:

Here's the excerpts from her blog:
dadapted from Rohani Jelani’s
Kuih Asli Malaysia.
300gm glutinous rice
50ml coconut milk
200ml water
1 tsp salt
150ml eggs (3 medium, grade B or C)
150ml coconut milk
150ml pandan juice
180gm sugar
15gm cornstarch
30gm all purpose flour
1. Soak rice for at least 2 hours. Drain. Put
rice into a baking pan suitable for
steaming. Mix it with coconut milk and
salt. Add in water. Make sure the water is
abt 3mm above the rice. If added in the
stated amount and it seems slightly more,
it’s ok. But not higher than 1cm definitely!
If water level’s too low, add more water.
Cos it depends on how well u drain the
2. Steam rice on high heat for 20-30
minutes until rice turns translucent.
Remove from heat and immediately fluff
rice with a fork or chopstick. Place rice
into a 8 inch round pan or 7 inch square
pan. Level and press rice to compact it. U
may either use a flat bottomed glass or a
layer cake press. If ur hands are heat
resistant, u may use it too!! Haha! But do
it over a aluminium sheet or baking paper.
Do this while the rice is still hot. Return
compacted rice in pan to steamer and
steam until custard is ready.
3. Mix all the ingredients in (B) and cook
in a heavy saucepan on low heat, stirring
slowly all the time to ensure it doesn’t
burn until it thickens slightly. Remove
from heat.
4. Pour (3) over compacted rice and steam
on medium low heat for 25 minutes. Do
not use high heat as it will cause the kuih
surface to be uneven… suitable for surfing.
5. Cool kuih thoroughly before cutting into
Or if u can't be bothered to weigh
everything using a scale,
You can just play around with this simple
The formula:
Rice : 1cup
Coconut milk: 2 Tbsp
Salt: 1/2 tsp
Water: Just put enough to be slightly above
rice, say about.... 3mm
Eggs: 2 Large, A grade
Liquid (no matter how much the ratio of
coconut milk and pandan juice) : 1 cup
Sugar: 1/2 cup
Flour : 1 heaped Tbsp

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elier's Homemade fusion brown sauce for chicken or lamb

A dash of kesum actually goes marvelous with Western brown sauce. Hubby loves it, so I decided to write the recipe here for future reference.

Ingredients for initial stock sauce:
1/4 chicken
1/2 large onion sliced
1 whole onion quartered
1 whole garlic smashed n lightly chopped
Half tomato sliced
An inch of red chilli
Black pepper, rosemary, salt, sugar, a bit of chicken stock, a sprig of daun kesum
Butter and oil

1. Heat oil, stir fry garlic, onion.. Then add butter & the rest of herb ingredients.
2. Add chicken, flavours n add water juz enuff to almost cover d chicken.
Optional: a dash of oyster sauce.
3. Simmer over low fire until chicken is cooked.
4. Remove chicken

Ingredients for pan fried chicken:
5 clove smashed n lightly chopped
A sprig of kesum
Olive oil

1. Heat oil n fry all the ingredients, add earlier chicken.
2. As soon as chicken is lightly browned, add a ladle full of stock sauce.
3. Keep stirring bottom of pan to ensure no hangit.
4. Remove chicken into serving plate.

Final sauce preparation, with roux:
5. Add butter into earlier frying pan, together with its original fried stuff stuck in d pan.
6. Add a spoonful of flour. Fry it.
7. Strain the earlier stock sauce into the pan. Stir as it thickens. Color will turn to lovely brown, u may add more oyster sauce if u like.

So, that's it. Spoon the sauce onto the chicken or lamb, meat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sundal malam bersama lavender....

Yea... Maafkan aku kerna title yg agak kasar. Tapi, aku mmg tak tahu nama lain pokok wangi ni... Aku letak nickname pokok maya karin.... Direct translation for this amazingly fragrant white flower is, night whore.... I have no idea why people decide to call this humble plant with such vulgarity. Apa salahnya kasi nama elok sikit for this wonderful God created plant?

Heran... Does anyone know why or d story behind d name?

Next, my second kemusykilan... Is this purple tiny flower... Rupa comel, faint smell of kitchen herbs... My hubby bought it, bcoz d shop in sg. Buloh said it was lavender. Iye ke?!

It don't look like a typical lavender, in comparison with my googled image result. Don't smell like it...

So, is it really lavender? Or perhaps a different kind of lavender species? Or we have been duped...

Anybody who lives overseas knows? Kot kot tumboh melata kat tp longkang di sana?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Backyard gardening: bendi or lady finger or okra n sekawan

Since ada backyard kecik, my hubby rajin betol gardening vege... Which i'm very happy! Apa tak nya... I got fresh stock, pesticide free and just a cut away of lady's finger, lime, pandan, cili, basil, mint, bitterguord, kesum, ulam selom, parsley, daun bawang... Senang idop nak masak, I tell u... Less wastage... Sebab I juz take wat I need. I no longer need to buy so much, and use a bit, end up all d vege spoiled.
Apa lagi nak tanam ya?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Model Prada tak bertauliah

Garden of love

I saw a movie last nite, titled edge of the garden. Lovey dovey story, which fueled my mushy heart with rindu n old memories. My hubby is away for biz trip, n I am overly in love than usual. So, nxt morning... I was sipping my teh tarik, relaxing on our garden terrace... Looking at d flowers, I can't help thinking how much love he put into making our quaint lil garden look so serene..n pretty. He actually likes getting his hands dirty, soil n smelly bajas. Who would hv thought dat this guy is d gardening type. It is amazing how hubby still surprises me, where I thought I got him alll figured out..
Dulu2 ms kecik, I really tak paham why my mom suka bnar lawat tmn bunga, orkid exhibition etc.... Now, aku pula gila dok menengung tgk garden... Anyways..... What makes u guys mushy? Mu

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