Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kuning + rose pink = bughok giller

Ini la dia kisah bila gatai tangan... mende dok elok2 ... jadi bughok.... Ari tu ada lebihan buah strawberry dr buat smoothie, so nak abiskan.. I decided nak buat strawberry custard.. Simple2 aje, no crust... just letak dlm gelas Pie Rat from my previous post... taboq digestive biskot on top kasi crunchy. So, dok elok2 masak custard tu... tangan aku mula gatai nak experiment dgn food coloring beli 'rose pink' yg br beli... Apa lagi buboh la.... then .. OMG! Kluor kaler yg paling tak menyelerakan langsong.... Laki aku balik tgk pon, semacam jer muka dia... (tp dia tak kata apa2... takot aku sedih, mogok plak)..
Anyways, no .. x dapat nak uplod gambo yg sungguh mengerikan itu....coz dah abis mkn. Just to paint you a pic.... imagine Kuning + rose pink = Meroh cerelanggg... hudoh sepang!

Moral... jangan la tambah food coloring... bukan ada vitamin pon.
Pic is just for illustration purpose.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sotong Celop Tepong... yang selamat digoreng.

Dulu-dulu, aku suka makan sotong goreng ni, tapi tak suka goreng... sebab dia ni suka meletop sakan! Pernah aku pergi kedai satar kat Kemaman yang juai sotong grg tepong tepi pantai ni, makcik tu tgh grg... suddenly sotong tuh meletop sampai minyak tu bleh lompat kuar merecik punya la jaoh!! Nasib tak da kes...
Anyways, dah aku byk time nak experiment d best sotong grg tepong kat umah la ni.... aku dah jumpa la d secret how not to make it safe & tenang in d kitchen whilst menggoreng.... This is in random tips, bcoz i dunno which makes the sotong stop thinking its in a war zone :
1) Blanch Mr. Paul dulu (sekejap je in boiling water, bout 30secs) then angkat & start marinade.
2) Golek in dry tepong... so TAK yah add water jadi cam batter pisang goreng tu. Just amik si Paul from the marinade (ada la egg as the binding agen).. then kasi dia gomol dia kat tepong tu... then campak mandi kat hot oil.
3) Ini tak tahu la relevant ker tak... but tepong mixture mesti ada 3 types so that it'll give that crispy, crunch (mcm KFC) to it. It won't kembang like udang grg tepong though.. i heard tambah CO2 (ayaq soda) for that effect. So, method aku is tpg beras, tpg jagung & tepong gandom.

Jadi, aku tak tau mana satu method yg membuatkan Paul tak meletop tatkala goreng session... but all the steps above membuatkan aku tak serik buat my favorite dish anymore. Kalau tidak, ada guest ke apa.. baru la buat....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Furry Love

As a child, I always had pets. From many many cats, dog,normal birds, bird that thinks it is human (behaves like on too), ducks, rabbits, fish... but most close to my heart is cat. They have their own attitude, smart.. loyal.. I adore them very very much.. so please do not kick & treat them awfully in front of me, else I will give you a piece of my mind. One of the reason that I really have a special spot for cats in my heart is becoz I was saved by one.
Her name was Comot. She had 3 colors all over the place, wasn't a pretty sight... but she had the most trusting heart for human & most loyal loving behaviour. Can you imagine you tgh sakit branak & still bangun to greet guest? That is how loyal Comot was... She raised herself to greet us,who just came back from a long trip ... whilst she was busy giving birth. The baby was half hanging out of her vagina opening. We pet her, scratch her neck.. and put her back into her box. Now, she is special to me because one day....

I felt really lazy to take a bath... i should be between 5-6 years old at that time. My mom was chasing me around to make me take my bath.... But you know, you should always trust your instinct... yet, i didn't & was about to go inside the bathroom for a shower. Comot came running at the door, not letting me pass... & starting hissing fiercely. She is a very gentle mother cat... hence it is very rare to see her so aggressive like that. Then, only when I pushed the door to get inside, I realized a HUGE cobra was inside the freaking bathroom. It was standing in attack position... the big head already as tall the flushing handle of sit down toilet. We live nearby the paddy field, so snake inside the house compound incident is inevitable... but heck, it was a BIG one. I slammed shut the door in horror. Yelled for my mom... she came, wanted to asked me why am I making such a big fuss today... then she saw it, luckily before she beat the crap outta me... Long story short, we manage to kill of the cobra... thanks to Comot alerting me. Else, i would have waltz into my last bath.
If I had the chance to take proper picture of Comot, I would definitely have her picture made into these Pet On Pendants. These folks from AnimalCharms are actually fine jewellers. But the passion they have for animals has spurred the idea to make their business into a charity engine body as well. A huge 10% of their gross sales will got into charity. Now, for an animal lover like me, this sounds great!
As you can see, their work is immaculate jewelleries that revolves around animal world design. They use sterling silver, 14K gold, mother of pearls & many other exquisite items. From pendants, earrings, brooch... & Good news is... sekarang tengah SALE!! Tak sabar I get one, there's so many to choose! So, kalau suka... visit la : 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pie Rat .. anyone?

I bet you can find a lot of funny ripoff names around.... here's one
Pyrex to Pie Rat... yummy eh?

Tattoos... ?

Almost realistic... I bet from afar, in car... it could look pretty real. Hubby brought home, for his golfing session... hence the masculine tattoo design. I wonder if they have nicer design for ladies. Otherwise, menarik gak pakai this tattoo design while driving alone. Takot skit org nak kacau.... U know, minah ni awek mafia mana tattoo penoh satu tangan! My kid likes wearing them like tights. Comel dlm ganas!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scissors? I need a meat cleaver!

Someone asked Elaina if she needed a scissors to cut out her husband's ex-galfriend photo from his picture. A handful of picture which should have PG13 rating... nicely kept in a box, which he wanted to bring back to their home. Rose wanted to reply, " Scissors won't do, I think I need to borrow your meat cleaver please. & keep him out of the kitchen while I'm at it!"
I'm thinking, which freaking moron wanna keep explicit picture of him n his x-galfriend romping in bed, obviously in much lurve & lust....  in their home?
No. 1, if it is already in the past, why do you still keep it?
No. 2, why is he bringing it back to their home? His no-brainer reply was, " I look thin in the pics...& it's in the past..."
Does he not have any idea what the wife would feel looking at these loving pic? & knowing he still wants to bloody keep it? I cannot imagine how heartbroken Elaina is, which all those lustey dovey images that will never be erased from her head.
Jeez, I dunno what the hell to say to Elaina, I have no clue or advice whatsoever at ALL. If that would happen to me, I'd like to borrow your hunting knife, please... So, folks... what would be your advice to save Elaina' relationship? Thanks.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wide Awake & Remember Me

Hello... it is 1.38am & I cannot sleep. One of those nights where you roll around in bed, but your mind juz won't down... hmmmh. So, I decided to burn some songs into a CD for our Ktn trip.... some opera, jazz & 90's hit. Perfect.

Hubby finally bought "Remember Me" movie... kesian dia ari2 tny kat apek kedai for the story... asyik kata tak ada. Then pasang tadi, 10 minutes thru d story dia dah tidoq!!

He knows I have a crush on the actor, which now I think should work on his acting a bit more than his hairdo. Anyways, as for the movie... I had high expectation as the review were glowing. But I just thought Rob could give more.... The story itself, I think any 15-22 year old target group could definitely relate to the anger, indecision, love, 'me VS parent' thing it potrays. If you had a 'normal' teenage/pre-adult life dat is. What I observe from the story is that they were trying to send a message to these 'confused times' age group, to NOT TO LOSE IT, else it'll be too late, you dunno what u have until u lose it...

Yes, I think when you're in teen & pre-adult... you'll definitely go thru 'my parents dun get me' crap. The ongoing emotions combined with the off the top hormones, adrenaline can really make going the right way seems... very hard.  Especially, if you don't have a balance of positive & negative friends. Negative friends are OK too, they're cool & can teach you a lesson or two... but it is up to us to reflect for our own good. We all mess up at one point, but you gotta learn to pick ya self up, forgive & move onto the right path. I'm no saint, believe me... hence, not trying to preach... just reminding meself. There'll be dat day when my daughter & son will hate me.... & I hope I'll remember what it's like to be in their shoes and handle things better.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elier's Cyber Garage SALE!! Mari.. mari!

Haaa... kat rumah aku ni there's so many things yang I don't use, but sayang nak buang...Guna setahun sekali, guna skali.. trus tak guna2 dah sebab sayang nak bawak kluaq....
So let me start off with this camera which hubby bought (without consulting me) ... there's nothing wrong with d camera... dun worry,, tak rosak apa pon. It's just that the Tuan which is electronically challenged tak reti nak pakai... So, I'm happy using my Nokia N95 camera. Simple & i dun have extra to carry in my bag. So, saya nak juai this camera, sapa minat, pls email your details at

Nie ha details ;
BENQ DC C1050 Digital Camera

10.0 Megapixel, 3X optical zoom, 2.5"LTPS TFT LCD,
Non-Stop Movie with Optical Zoom, 13 Scene Mode, 3:2/16:9 Resolution, Shake Free, ISO HI Potrait
c/w - original box, CD ROM Software, Warranty Card, Manual Book, Camera Pouch (Black with Red Flip Color).

RM200 aje!!!! (Harga masa beli was RM600)

The Unseen....

Earlier in d evening, we were all happy watching TV together. I dah lupa cerita apa, but later we went into the bedroom to sleep.........

The room was brightly lit, we didn't turn off the light yet. Hubby was rolling around d bed wiv Fea, tickling her like any other night before we sleep. It was a normal night... but then Fea suddenly changed from a bubbly, all giggles & smile to FEAR. I didn't notice she started moving backwards, like she was moving away from something that was looming in front of her. She crawled on my laps, holding me wiv a strong grip wiv her small hands and started to menggigil takot. Whimpering slowly, I saw her eyes moving to my left in fear, she tried to hide her face, But then she started looking right and cries in fear. I could see she was afraid of something that was moving around us. Hubby that was earlier so cheerful has lost his laugh & now looking very worried with Sofea crying in my laps, still darting to avoid something that none of us can see.

Now, aku pulak yang start rasa takot... I can see she sangat takot giler trying to use me to hide from that 'thing' that was circling us. I didn't know what to do, everything was happening to fast to comprehend. Then Sofea started lifting her eyes upwards slowly......moving up towards to fan. She was never afraid of the ceiling fan before, but tonite she kept saying , "takot, takot.. Mummy!" .. I cuba la baca all d ayat kursi but she was still terrified & hubby pon tried to comfort her, saying there's nothing, just a fan. Yet, she fixed her eyes in terror at the fan above our heads like there was something horrible clinging to it.

By this time, mmg dah rasa lain macam.... you could taste fear & there's something else there in d room. We braved the night, tried to sleep, lampu toilet dibiarkan on sampai pagi. 3 ekoq huddled in d queen sized bed. I was so thankful hubby was home early from work.... kalo tak, aku rasa aku tido kat living room je ngan Fea. So that is one experience Sofea 'nampak' things yang paling made mak dia ngan bapak dia takot skali. There wasn't nothing to see, but the unseen terror that hold my daughter in sheer fear was enough to send shivers down the adults spine.

Monday, July 5, 2010


When I was a kid, we supposed live in a house dat was 'keras'... i will simpan dat story for another day, as now I will tell you about my daughter. If she is spooked, you can see & FEEL her actual fear. I kid u not. Seriously. When I say see, we dun see it, but we look at her eyes & see the sheer fear. It is way beyond any movie. Anyways, she gets this on & off. Recently was after we played at the playground depan Sekinchan Ikan bakar... it was past 10pm. She played happily, waved goodbye as we left. Then as we'r in d car, she started shivering and looking behind wildly... slowly moving her eyes to the driver's window. Closing her eys tightly and opening it too peek. Cried softly and whispered, "gigit..gigit...!". Oh dear.

I recited ayat Kursi.. she settled down a bit. Vomit later in d nite.

I have another scary moment with her spooked moments... but I'll write it down in daylight.

Ho Chi Minh not to be...

D three of us is suppose to go to Ho Chi Minh/ Saigon tomorow morning. Alas, things I guess weren't suppose to be... none of us is gonna be cruising Mekong river or waddling thru Cu Chi tunnel. I kinda predicted that as for few month I wasn't really keen on the planning. If you knew me better, I am the type that would pack a month in advance... print out several maps.. research blogs/travel website for month just to make sure we knew exactly we'll be doin for the trip. Yes, aku mmg jenis obsessive bab planning &; sangat hati2... for this trip, i didn't lift a hand. Lo and behold... few days before the trip, hubby had an important meeting he could'nt postponed it. Dah mmg no mood to go, then I oso tak pergi la... it is really a shame thought becoz the tics is RM0 fare... if we wanna go again, its like RM400 one way tauuu. Rasa rugi la plak... but then, I juz felt like.... not going. Oh well... tak pa la.... we got S'pore in Oct, prolly bandong in Dec.... we'll juz have to see what AAsia has installed for us.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tea Time wiv Linda (Orange Muffin)

Pala aku dok fenin ni.... nasib baik Fea dah tidoq. Ari ni dia training x pakai pampers... Not so bad... cuma time dia nap ni, aku x nak amik risk la kan. Then, memandangkan stok oren from last weekend masih ada... dr biaq dia kecut jd specimen... baik aku buat sumthing.... Last week buat kek oren for my mom... so today, I decided to buat orange muffin plak. I took it from a book... buku ni resepi muffin double choc... muffin apple cinnamon dia mmg Xcellent! ... so try sumthing different plak ahh.. Hasilnya not bad, sedap gak... texture lembut fluffy gila. I omit walnut... bcoz walnut aku dah rasa cam len mcm... So, hangpa layan gambaq aja no...

Sands In My Hands (taken from my FB Notes, Jan 2010)

Pardon the grammatical errors, depressed tone, disjointed, choppy & overly romantic entry etc

I have been having recurring dreams about my early childhood in Bukit Payong, KT. Age 3 to 10.

Rolling in the middle of the golden paddy field (musim tuai, so it is dry..folks) … watching the blue sky, lying on our back.

Looking for rubber tree’s seeds/nuts… getting leeches on my slippers, running away... leaving them behind… my kind friend had to go retrieve it back.( he has passed away)

Last night, I and hubby drove back to KL, just the 2 of us… a very rare occasion, now that we have 2 kids. I asked him to tell me the story how we met and fell in love, while I drove. He was very surprised, nonetheless he was kind enough to amuse our winding journey in Karak with the magical tale. Nine years seems to flash by very fast…. (though we argued on couple of details). Lastly, he asked why do I keep talking about the past, why not embrace the future instead?

2010 marks my departure from the 20’s age group. I am still 29 today… in my head I’m already worried about being 92…. (if I get to live that old) … he says I’m having a mid life crisis. This is why I don’t really adore my own birthday .

BUT… Will I be able to remember all these memories, beautiful moments as good as fairytale as time passes by? I was afraid of not being able to hold these times in my memory bank. Some of the minor details.. I am beginning to forget already.. It feels like my memories is, like cupping fine white Damai beach sands in my hands… one day, there’s none left… maybe one pebble or two.

I really have a handful of Damai beach sands in a small heart shaped porcelain container. I took it before we were married, about 6 years ago, a momento… where I realise my heart was stolen.

I’ve tried writing in down in my diary.. blog(which I have abandon ages ago)… bits and pieces of it. Scribbles of his name here and there….

One of these days, I should sit down and write it as a short story. Novel maybe. Whilst some of the characters are still around…
So, one day.. when I forget, senile or God forbids, that magical force that binds us together has weaken with age…. I could read them again & again… Or one of the kids could read it to me (if my eyes have surrendered itself to cataract or whatsoever)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Haru-Biruan... Laok Pantang Betol laa

NO, i am not pregnant... Tapi arini, spring cleaning freezer.. terjumpa pulak ikan haruan 3 ekoq, masih elok lagi, walaupon ini stok zaman pantang Aqid... which is approx 1 year plus ago! So, takkan nak simpan until pantang the next one plak... So masok ler for today's lunch. I juz hate eating this fish during pantang... it is the way the flesh taste. Tak sedap langsong. Kena masak wiv stronger herbs (halia ke apa).. drown the horrible taste. Atau tekak aku yg ngada mmg tak suka ikan haru haruan ni. Dah masak tadi, aku rasa la... mmmhhh... baik aku mkn maggi aje le nnt. Sebut pasai ikan ni, slalu org mkn bila lepaih branak, operation... becoz depa pecaya ikan ini akan speed up the healing process. There's even a ready made soup in a can for this fish. Rasanya? I dun dare to imagine. Mahai juga reganya, more than RM5 per can, ikan ni mahai kalo kat tesco... kalo kat kg, murah tersangat. So, another fact i found about eating this fish for the sake of faster healing is... korang tak leh mkn hari2! 2-4 times in 2-3weeks. Or max twice per week. The reasoning is that, kalo overdose, the scar tissue akan overlap, becomes thick or famously known as keloid... So ... tak cantik la.. itu la dia. How true, i dunno. This info I found kat blog Teratak Chetam.
Apa pon... ini la laok yang aku paling pantang betolll laa...