Friday, July 9, 2010

Wide Awake & Remember Me

Hello... it is 1.38am & I cannot sleep. One of those nights where you roll around in bed, but your mind juz won't down... hmmmh. So, I decided to burn some songs into a CD for our Ktn trip.... some opera, jazz & 90's hit. Perfect.

Hubby finally bought "Remember Me" movie... kesian dia ari2 tny kat apek kedai for the story... asyik kata tak ada. Then pasang tadi, 10 minutes thru d story dia dah tidoq!!

He knows I have a crush on the actor, which now I think should work on his acting a bit more than his hairdo. Anyways, as for the movie... I had high expectation as the review were glowing. But I just thought Rob could give more.... The story itself, I think any 15-22 year old target group could definitely relate to the anger, indecision, love, 'me VS parent' thing it potrays. If you had a 'normal' teenage/pre-adult life dat is. What I observe from the story is that they were trying to send a message to these 'confused times' age group, to NOT TO LOSE IT, else it'll be too late, you dunno what u have until u lose it...

Yes, I think when you're in teen & pre-adult... you'll definitely go thru 'my parents dun get me' crap. The ongoing emotions combined with the off the top hormones, adrenaline can really make going the right way seems... very hard.  Especially, if you don't have a balance of positive & negative friends. Negative friends are OK too, they're cool & can teach you a lesson or two... but it is up to us to reflect for our own good. We all mess up at one point, but you gotta learn to pick ya self up, forgive & move onto the right path. I'm no saint, believe me... hence, not trying to preach... just reminding meself. There'll be dat day when my daughter & son will hate me.... & I hope I'll remember what it's like to be in their shoes and handle things better.

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