Friday, July 16, 2010

Furry Love

As a child, I always had pets. From many many cats, dog,normal birds, bird that thinks it is human (behaves like on too), ducks, rabbits, fish... but most close to my heart is cat. They have their own attitude, smart.. loyal.. I adore them very very much.. so please do not kick & treat them awfully in front of me, else I will give you a piece of my mind. One of the reason that I really have a special spot for cats in my heart is becoz I was saved by one.
Her name was Comot. She had 3 colors all over the place, wasn't a pretty sight... but she had the most trusting heart for human & most loyal loving behaviour. Can you imagine you tgh sakit branak & still bangun to greet guest? That is how loyal Comot was... She raised herself to greet us,who just came back from a long trip ... whilst she was busy giving birth. The baby was half hanging out of her vagina opening. We pet her, scratch her neck.. and put her back into her box. Now, she is special to me because one day....

I felt really lazy to take a bath... i should be between 5-6 years old at that time. My mom was chasing me around to make me take my bath.... But you know, you should always trust your instinct... yet, i didn't & was about to go inside the bathroom for a shower. Comot came running at the door, not letting me pass... & starting hissing fiercely. She is a very gentle mother cat... hence it is very rare to see her so aggressive like that. Then, only when I pushed the door to get inside, I realized a HUGE cobra was inside the freaking bathroom. It was standing in attack position... the big head already as tall the flushing handle of sit down toilet. We live nearby the paddy field, so snake inside the house compound incident is inevitable... but heck, it was a BIG one. I slammed shut the door in horror. Yelled for my mom... she came, wanted to asked me why am I making such a big fuss today... then she saw it, luckily before she beat the crap outta me... Long story short, we manage to kill of the cobra... thanks to Comot alerting me. Else, i would have waltz into my last bath.
If I had the chance to take proper picture of Comot, I would definitely have her picture made into these Pet On Pendants. These folks from AnimalCharms are actually fine jewellers. But the passion they have for animals has spurred the idea to make their business into a charity engine body as well. A huge 10% of their gross sales will got into charity. Now, for an animal lover like me, this sounds great!
As you can see, their work is immaculate jewelleries that revolves around animal world design. They use sterling silver, 14K gold, mother of pearls & many other exquisite items. From pendants, earrings, brooch... & Good news is... sekarang tengah SALE!! Tak sabar I get one, there's so many to choose! So, kalau suka... visit la : 

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Anonymous said...

some of the stuff looks exquisite like normal jewelry but i LOVE the ones with our own pets' pics on them!