Monday, July 5, 2010


When I was a kid, we supposed live in a house dat was 'keras'... i will simpan dat story for another day, as now I will tell you about my daughter. If she is spooked, you can see & FEEL her actual fear. I kid u not. Seriously. When I say see, we dun see it, but we look at her eyes & see the sheer fear. It is way beyond any movie. Anyways, she gets this on & off. Recently was after we played at the playground depan Sekinchan Ikan bakar... it was past 10pm. She played happily, waved goodbye as we left. Then as we'r in d car, she started shivering and looking behind wildly... slowly moving her eyes to the driver's window. Closing her eys tightly and opening it too peek. Cried softly and whispered, "gigit..gigit...!". Oh dear.

I recited ayat Kursi.. she settled down a bit. Vomit later in d nite.

I have another scary moment with her spooked moments... but I'll write it down in daylight.


Unknown said...

linda...seremmmm nye apa yg jadik kat sofea...nnt cite lagi eh another story tu...:)

Juju said...

uish..takut noo..

wei, resepi oreo milkshake tu, hang singgah kat blog resepi aku

Unknown said...

Ada, mmg seremmm! Linda nak citer pon, tak terungkap betapa seramnya bila anak kita nampak sesuatu yg kita tak nampak, walaupon dah pakai spek.


Thanks! Nnt aku nak cuba. AKu mmg minat ayaq2 susu, creamy ala2 San Francisco Coffee ni... but no money, so buat jer sendiri.