Monday, February 4, 2013

Genting Snow World - Total Fun Family Activity

Genting recently relaunch their Snow World recently with several new features!

We were lucky enuff to be a part of the launching officiated by Dato Kevin Sim.

See the lights in the shops!

The newly upgraded Snow World facilities were given a facelift with a realistic feel of winter ambience, such as igloo house, lookout point, snow slides, european coffee shops with realistic lighting. They term it as Winter Downtown or World Heritage concept.

The lighting plays up the romantic night winter feel or day time. When you are inside, it does feel like you are in gallivanting in Europe!

So, seriously.... when YOU walk in, it won't feel like you're walking into a giant fridge. It will definitely give you a glimpse of the an authentic winter holiday! The temperature s around -6 Celcius.

So, yes.. it is very cold. Brrrrrrrr......

But worry not, Genting Snow World team will provide full winter gear for you. I am happy to report the clothing are new, clean, stylish and has a lot of sizes that cater for ladies, men and kids too.

This pleases me tremendously as I have been to places where they provide you oversized clothings that smell worst than tempoyak. Euuuww.... terus aku tak do mood dowhh.....

And you know what, the kids even enjoyed the dressed up part!!

And they provide lockers for you to keep belongings so you can enjoy without thinking of you bags, and other stuff.

See, I told you they provide you stylish gears that even fits the smallest frame like ME!

The kids trying to get used to the winter boots, which is super comfy too.

Hey, thinking of doing a COOL event? why not head on to snow world? They may event cater events and functions too.

SnowWorld is located at Level T2A, First World Plaza.
Tickets are priced at RM30 for adult and RM25 for child and senior citizen that includes snow gear such as jackets, gloves, socks and boots.
So next time you are here, do give Snow World a visit ok. 
Thanks so JQ and team for arranging a beautiful fun event for all of us.

Enjoy more photos below as we enjoyed the rest of Genting Themepark

Crunchy Pineapple Tarts

I do not like soft pineapple tarts, i like em crust crunchy n tasty vanilla infused aroma. most importantly, the jam fillings has to be soft n not too sweet, slight clovelike aroma.

my mom does her tarts like this, n it is so hard to find sumthing similar.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Booking and planning your holiday made easier by Genting Mobile App


I LOVE going on quick vacations, while waiting for the BIG one overseas, perhaps.. Don't you?

But the problems is of course the booking and planning, the calling ahead.... perhaps being put on hold and so much hassle waiting.

Wouldn't it be super great to have your dream holiday booked or planned done with your smartphone or Ipad?

I do everything using my phone. And I am super delighted when I got to know that Genting folks had made Genting Mobile App available for download in Google Play Store for FREE.

Have a look of the of the ACTUAL app screenshot from my Sony Ericsson Xperia

You have everything in there. Latest attraction, from theme park to dining, and of course booking too. You can even book your room, check availability ... check weather... all available in one screen.

During the recent media and blogger with tea with the Genting folks, Executive Vice President, Dato’ Kevin Sim together with its Senior Vice President of E-Service, Mr Thomas Ng and Vice President of Marketing, Mr Chow Wei Heng, Resorts World Genting shared its organization’s digital journey.

From the traditional websitebrowsing in 1997, to a mobile app today!

Here's Kifly making his booking as easy as 1,2, 3
Other users who just want to stroll in the RWG App can also learn the happenings at the Resort.  One of the highlight of RWG App is the ‘My Planner’. Those who have never been to the Resort can visit this menu to find out how to plan their time at the Theme Park.  For those who are looking for excitement there is also the Exciting Variety Plan or for the young at heart, Explore and Party Plan.

‘With all these interesting information in the RWG App, the next thing you would want to do is to quickly make a booking.  This you can do by using the credit card.  By 2nd half of 2013, members can even make their bookings using their Genting Rewards Points’, says Thomas Ng, Senior Vice President of E-services.

So for you Genting member card holders, isnt that cool? 
take note, you can also make your booking even if you are NOT a member too!

For you who are wondering whether the payment transaction is safe or not, especially when it concerns your credit card, well... 

Don't worry.

Because, the folks at Genting reassures that the credit card transaction is as secured as using Maybank2U! So, no worries ya. 

What are you waiting for?
Anybody can do it, its easy!

Go ahead and download the Genting Mobile App at Google play store today, and check it out. 

You never know, there might be a cool promotions going on... ;-)

And stay tune for my Genting Cool Getaway story, as I'm going off to check out their new exciting stuff there TOMORROW! 

Tunggu ya ... I'll give you an inside story from the kids point of view too!

Courtesy of the cool, lovely people of Genting, thank you so much for inviting us bloggers ! 

What is an entry without a food pictures, kan?
Cheese cake and macarons
Thank you Genting.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vacation, vacation, vacation!... (jgn ikot cara si Zohra jabeen style)

Listen, Listen, LISTEN 

( sorry, I could not resist pulling a Sharifah Zohra Jabeen fiasco lar),

I know some of you are planning for vacation to overseas...

Bali, Europe Euphoria, Japan, Korea etc

Some of you may need a teaser vacation within our own lovely country first, kan.... Nak tunggu the actual vacation laaaamaaa sangat, so why not get a quick one here in KL, Pahang or Penang first?

but we all know how much hassles a booking a hotel can be, sumtimes....

So, stay tune for the newest info on getting your holiday booked in a jiffy.

For more info: visit genting world resort official website
tungguuuuuuuu ya......