Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BBQ & Gathering

The only time you could really gather a nucleous family slalunya pada hari raya.. or ada kematian... But this time, we had an early 'raya'... originally the idea was to have a birthday bbq for my mom. BUt the preparation & timing went haywire... hence, smua org juz jump into the food wivout any toast or speech for mom. Terok kan? Well, itu la dia bila dah tunggu lama. We stuff ourself with bbq chicken, ketam, prawn (which i never saw), durian, lamb leg, potatoes salad, cheesecake.. ntah apa lagi. pening pala jap.... But the funny thing about preparing the lamb was... the oven socket blew up b4 it was properly cooked. Jd kena la tukaq bakaq atas dapoq... last last tak tahan, bungkus pi bbq atas arang jer. Lagi cepat. So there u have... korang nak beli dapoq power2 yang kuasa besar (15amp above) pasti kan pakai soket power bulat(mcm a/cond punya tu)... & of course pastikan wiring in d wall pon can take the power... Else, kalo nasib tak baik... satu rumah hangit. FYI, plag biasa kat wall kita tu 13 amp aja. Katakan hangpa beli satu oven contoh la 12 amp ker apa, you all kena buffer extra surge 1-3 amp during start up. Tak leh kira ngam ngam... itu la dia pengalaman ku n my sis yg nyaris tak jd mangsa kebakaran.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lil boy gone mental running around granpa's place... i guess dia jadi perak, bcoz dudok umah sendiri atas kayangan tak jejak tanah langsong. Skali jumpa laman, lari sepenuh jiwa..... I force dia pakai topi bcoz they insist nak kuar walaupon tgh panas rembang....
Itu la dia kids nowdays, yg dudok apt... skali2 kuar jalan dpt jumpa tanah lapang.. depa jadi hyper... u can't blame them when they refuse to stop running, jumping. Kita scared for their safety, but once in a while, u gotta let go. Else they will never learn to identify danger by themselves....

My Therapist - Mr. C & K

Finding a shoe that looks good, on your feet, feels good wearing it for long hours, even running with it is hard to find. Heck, I reckon it is as hard as finding TRUE LOVE!
Well i found mine at Charles & Keith. Felt like a million dollars trying it on. Especially when even your hubby agrees it looks good.... bcoz he chose it la kannnn....
ANyway, when I'm down... i like buying shoes, getting new gadget for make up... When I'm feeling like a garbage truck days, going to do facials does help you to forget, for a while. But shoes, it is like a Ponstan... makan aje, ilang sakit.... sakit lagi, ko telan la lagi... but jgn telan kasut tu plak....  I meant wearing good shoes does make your day.

My Semak Brigade

Ni la dia my lil own tornado.... running havoc in d house. These days I dun fret over how d house looks, and yell my head off like a mad hatter.... (maybe I do... a bit) ... it is hard to keep the ornaments, little deco barang in place with toddlers around. Semua barang nak pegang, tarik... so kena practical.... Else, u end up like me, hari2 at least 50 kali kena straighten up the kain puak throw on the sofa.

Kids Play Area (semak area)

I did this project in hope that the kids will restrict their toys semakness around their play area aje. Instead bersepah2 sampai ke kitchen, toilet la ... laundry basket la...

Unfortunately, it didn't work 100%... ada la reduction. but still masih ada toys di area yg tak sepatutnya.

Lurve in Langkawi...

Another impromptu decision to hop on a plane for a romantic gateaway. Thanks to AAsia... geez, these ppl are really makin money in the economic downturn time.
So, I was really looking forward as we rarely get time be together juz d 2 of us. It is usually, " ehh, tgk anak tuu!" Hence, I planned the usual, candle, lingerie of the most lusty... music .... and thennn....


Period??? What a perfect timing.

Nonetheless, we had great time. We rented the most cutest car. Apa nama dah lupa, from Nissan. Looks small, but when you're inside, spacious juga. A perfect city car.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Siem Reap Experience

I'm feeling a bit down lately, hence the feel to look back on memorable vacation photos. Here we go.... our first overseas trip together, a delayed hunnymoon after 5 years. Bought the ticket from AAsia a year ago... so i had ample time to plan d trip .. accomodation,travel... etc, etc. It was worth it. The place is so beautiful and quaint. The 16USD per night inn was unbelievably good! The most interesting food there was sapi panjat bukit. Imagine egg soaked beef, sauteed in butter. Topped with lemon and black pepper sauce. The way it was cooked using an metal sieve like instrument is how it got the name.

Penang Road Trippin

8 of us decided to relive old uni days spririt & embrace the 3 series era by goin on a road trip eating galore in Penang recently. It was a hell of a worth it trip, every second of it. You know it is hard to organize a large get together with friends, timing la, cuti la, anak2 la... so many obstacle. But when you dun really plan it, & decide heck! Let's go for it.. jadi la pulak.
I think we paid RM50 each, covered 2 days eating session. We're talking serious mentekedarah here, folks.
We went on a quest for best of penang Food. Best kueytiaw at ah leng... best laksa penang at Laksa Janggus in Balik Pulau, best nasi kandar in Line Clear. I also went out to eat baby octopus rebus. Tokua rendang, chendol tembok in Chowrasta area.

Facebook phenomenon

If you've read my previous post for my quest to find old friends, then just wanted to let you know that I've finally found Rosalyna (recently) thru facebook. I even manage to find my old Iowa student exchange teammates, Uni friends, highschool... etc... and most oldest friend i can remember from age of 3!! She is still staying in d same house in Bukit Payong... amazing!

Yes, Facebook has certainly manage to keep long lost friends connected again. Thanks Zucker.

But, now I notice the new obsession over FB... the need to update everything you do to everyone. I do that too.... Sometimes, it is fun... sometimes you wonder, don't I have a life? Don't I have other interesting thing to do???