Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giler Ketam Gemoks!..... di Kayu Manis, Bukit Jelutong

Saja aku kasi besar giler saiz pic ni.... torture idop korang....

Adakah anda seorang penggemar ketam? Giler keenakan, kemanisan asli rasa ketam segar?
Mencari-cari port makanan seafood yang sedap & HALAL?

Kalau dulu, Lin suka benar pergi berseafood di La La Chong..... mmg favourite, harga berpatutan plak. But, sejak pindah ke Shah Alam.... jarang sangat makan seafood di kedai.

So, mmg langkah kanan bila my sis called up, kata my bro in law nak belanja makan. So, the food place up for discussion is a chinese muslim seafood restaurant called  :

Restaurant Kayu Manis, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.
31, Jalan Pelapik bu8/b, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 603- 78468031

So, after seeing the 1st pic kat atas... U all must guess that the food is not bad, kan? Wrong!

The food is great! I didn't feature all the other food we ordered.. (sayor campor, kailan ikan masin, sotong goreng) becoz aku rasa the star of the day... is the ketam.
Perghhhh.... sizenyer XXL! Isi cukop padat! Let's see my unofficial, personal review yg tidak disponsor sesiapa pong.... Hanya seorang peminat ketam yang nak share ngan pembaca2 lain yg mencari jawapan kepada soalan cepumas....

"Where to eat..ahh??"

Let's move on to the review:

1) Soalan paling penting.... Sedap dok?

YES, sedap. The food sedap mcm ala2 chinese seafood cooking, tapi with a peace of mind that it is definitely halal. I ordered :

- ketam stim halia (2 ekor) :
  sedap, sesuai for those who loves natural crab flavours with hint of ginger, it is served with steam egg as  well. Saiz ketam dia mmg BESOR2 belaka! King crab la.. but not as big as Alaskan crab la kann.

- ketam kam hiong (2ekor) :
  sedap, sesuai for those who enjoys strong taste of spicyness in their food.

- kailan ikan masin :
  sedap, with expensive salted fish... bukan pakai tenggiri jerok mcm kat gerai biasa tu...

- mix vege :
   includes 2 types of mushroom, cauliflower, canned baby corn etc... kiranya mixed vege yg cukup syarat.

- sotong goreng :
   boleh tahan, can be improved... tepong rasa sedap, tapi kerangupan tak sama mcm lala cong style....

- nasi goreng cina :
  ini anak aku makan... i'd say boleh tahan.... tapi portion dia banyak gila! mmg sesuai for kids to share2....

2) Restaurant service/ambience/cleanliness

Service good, my sis ordered ahead petang tu to reserved the ketam, which is a good idea.. bcoz by 8pm dah sold out ketam, lala nyer.....  They didn't screw up the order, waited patiently for us to decide on the order. However, it did took them sometime to prepare walaupon kedai tak fully packed. AKu benchmark timing against La La Chong punya speed of serving, so .... kiranya korang kena buffer 20-30 minutes gak la.... They showcase their fresh seafood alive in the aquarium... Pilih2 la....

Cleanliness, aku kasi A. But careful skit for those pakai stilletos... aku rasa macam lantai dia ader unsur slippery skit.... maybe lupa nak mop kot.
Very clean and comfy toilet..... in fact.. I'm giving them A++.

Ambience... not bad, kiranya for sesuai for family/friends gathering, it is not jam packed... jadi for those with kids, no worries.... They also got a small playhouse for kids to hilang rasa bosan tunggu food.
Table & chairs are sturdy ones, bukan plastik ala gerai.

Parking wise, well the restaurant is a corner shop lot. Ada la parking biasa, but not designated vast empty land purely for parking your vehicles. Jadi, do come earlier... in case.

3) Price nyer?

Aku rasa pricingnyer slightly higher against La La Chong.... The food costed approx RM250, with the menu above (include 4 plain rice, & drinks) Nonetheless, I would go there again. Because the food is worth the money paid. But, kalau korang nak belanja ramai manusia... then maybe you'll get you're money worth more at La La Chong.
Bagi orang yang don't mind paying a lil extra for the comfortable ambience, then this is the place.

Lastly, thanks to my sis & brother in law for introducing us to this place. Love it!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

UPDATE - Palma Putri Apartment For SALE - Kota Damansara GROUND FLOOR **SOLD**

Folks, prime property for sale. Dream location in the heart of Kota Damansara.
Cepat sebelom terlambat. This is a ground floor unit, the front entrance is NOT facing other blocks. You have perfect, unblocked view.

Serious buyer only ye, booking fee required. Booking is very important, we have cases serious buyers who came and wanted to buy, and the property was snapped up the next day by another walk in customer.

Type: Apartments

Area: Kota Damansara

Title type: Leasehold,Non bumi lot

Strata Tenure: 94

Size: approx 852 sq.ft.

Facilities: Playground, Jogging track, 24 hour security with card access,

Dewan Serbaguna with indoor badminton court.

Maintenance Fee : A mere RM55 per month

Carpark: 1 unit carpark non covered, motorbike covered

(2nd unit - optional, chargable by management)

Address: Palma Puteri Seksyen 6, Kota Damansara

Room: 3 Rooms 2 Bathroom

Other Info:

If you are looking for investment, great place to invest. Major business centre nearby, supermarket, hypermarket, gas station and all major banks just 5 minutes away. Upcoming Sungai Buloh MRT Project!!

Local parks nearby with lush greeneries for your afternoon stroll.

Price property here is going up skyhigh and rocket fast.

Mc Donalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, A&W and local cuisines all nearby!

Very near to Carrefour and Giant. 5-10 minutes drive to Tesco, Sunway GIZA Mall, IKEA, The Curve, Ikano Power Center, 1 Utama, Segi College, Tropicana Medical Centre.
15 mins to Hospital Sg. Buloh.

WiFi reception good (MAXIS, WiMax)

Easy access to major highway such as NKVE, Sungai Buloh, Persiaran Surian.

Price : RM 250 000 ONLY (negotiable)

Contact Lin/Aman :013-3377 072/019-333 5842


Monday, December 12, 2011

Stay tune for another hot seller property in Kota Damansara.

Folks, if you're looking for a prime area to invest in Kota Damansara.... please stay tune. Another property selling at a bargain price.... GROUND FLOOR and just about nearby Carrefour, Giant & Tesco... Tropicana Medical Center, One Utama, The Curve... Sunway Giza.

Get your money ready....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sup Tulang Linda..... (?)

Nampak TAK menyelerakan langsong kan..... Sorila, ini gamba amik thru phone camera 'cokia' ..... Namun, rasanya cukop menggugat perut.

Selalu korang pi kedai, mana ada ubi, carrot kan? Habis baik pon, depa letak tomato or celery. Silap ari bulan, pi kedai.. order sup tulang... dapat tulang dogol and sup garam. Charge kita RM7... rasa nak lempaq kat muka tuan kedai.


OK, ni part syok bila masak sup tulang sendiri. EH... wait.

Maksod aku, sup tulang dimasak sendiri di rumah.... (i know i'm all BONES, OK)

Korang buleh choose parts yg meaty skit.... part tulang aje, bagi kat laki.

And can add more condiments to the soup.

Puehhhhh hati makan.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Girly Dress For Sofea

 Sometimes.. I wonder if I do not 'girlify' my daughter enough. I
usually make her wear comy stuff which usually means pants and shirt. She has a short haircut, as I detest long hair on kids.... They do not know how to take care of it themselves, the hair gets every where when they eat... dlm mulut.. dlm food. And they get so sweaty easily. Rimas giler tgk....

So, I sacrifice fashion and vanity over practicality and comfort.
I'm OK with that... as I remember what my teacher darjah Satu said to my schoolmate a longg time ago, ..
"Kecik2 datang sekolah bukan nak fashion show... kita nak belajar... blablabla... "
Tapi, yesterday when I tried to put on girly stuf on Sofea.... it lasted for 10 minutes aja. She wanted to take it off, and prefer to wear what her brother was wearing instead.

Now I'm worried.....