Friday, April 29, 2011

Minggu Gila Petai ..... Resepi Sambal Cili Api Bilis Petai & Kacang Kelisa

Hubby brought back loads of petai from his biz trip. Apa lagi... menu ari2 revolves around petai.

Nasi Goreng Petai...
Ayam Masak Petai...
Sambal Cili Api Bilis Petai.....
Esok maybe sambai tumis udang/sotong petai plak....

People say petai is good for you... I say petai is not good for the toilet or sex life... busuk !


Ikan bilis digoreng garing
Kacang kelisa hiris
Petai belah dua

Tumbuk/Tak rajin...blend pon OK
Cili Api 5 biji
Bawang merah 2 ulas
bawang Puteh 2 ulas
Sedikit Belacan melaka

Sedikit Air Asam Jawa & Sesudu Oyster Sos, Garam Gula


1. Tumis barang yg ditumbuk dulu...
2. Add air asam 1 sudu besar, oyster sos and g&g (garam & gula)
3. Tarok kacang, petai and last is ikan bilis goreng.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Jumpa geng SIS lagi! yeah!

 Jumpa kawan lama nih.... BEST... sayang masa tak cukop... belom enjin panas, dah terpaksa berpisah....
Ntah bila lagi dapat jumpa.... namun demikian, thank you for making some time to meet up.... Naik taxi pon tak pa... aku sanggup. Hoepfully next time kita jumpa, dapat rilex skit.... and borak panjang... citer kisah hidop memasing yg tak sempat dikongsi kat FB or blog.... take care guys... my Allah bless our friendship forever.

Sorry pic quality not so good... aku pon tak paham... slalu OK jer... maybe setting camera aku.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Phuket Party Plan – Suspended (another flight ticket down the drain!)

delayed entry due to internet prob last nite

Gosh, I juz finish watching the movie, Lucky 7….

I thought it was not bad romantic storyline… AND

Much to my chagrin, it reminded me of how our plans for the anniversary holiday trip to Phuket may be cancelled becoz of unavoidable call of duty (his work)

This adds to our second list of cancelled already paid overseas trip! We had to forfeit Vietnam trip as well for the same reason. Nevermind la… apa nak buat.

Well, let’s hope there’s some other flight promotions soon.

(the darn internet is down, so I had to write this down on ms word.. since I can’t sleep, dunno wat else to do….. I already made dessert earlier, so takkan nak bake cake lagi)

So, this is another insomniac entry of mine…. Written offline

Yes, if u had time and money… where is your dream destination to go? Why?

As for me, I have loads of place I would like to go…. Mostly places with ancient history and vibrant with life (or the life before it) Like my essay written in form 4,

I would like to go to Egypt… I would love to see and touch the spectacular ancient work of art and stand on the same ground which many powerful ruler stood during their crazy reign. I just want to touch their walls…. Their pretty art intrigues me so much, like how you admire the beauty of how the sand looks like at the beach after the wave has pulled back.

I would also like to go to Monte Carlo, Rio de Janeira and its neighbouring lovely places. I would like to live and experience their carefree colourful life …. Celebration of being alive! A city that never lets modernism take over their complete everyday live and culture.

Yes, I would like to go to their ‘pasar’ or bazaar and see their food, knick knacks…. I juz love going to wet markets whenever I travel places. It gives me a closer glimpse of their culture much better that a museum has to offer.

I do not have desire to go to cold countries for vacation. Snow and cold climate does not go well with me. I find it is disturbing to look at the sun, and yet cannot fell its warmth and ray of shine on my skin. Reminds me of seeing things thru glass window. So near yet, so far. I find the cold draft sickens my sinus and wrecks havoc on my nose and ears.

Sea, sun and sands doesn’t really rock my world jugak… as I already have that… I live in Terengganu since I was 3yrs old, where the beach is a mere 5-10 minutes away…. Nonetheless, it never fails to bring the romantic mood… laying by the beach, looking at the sea… listening to nothing but the sound of the beach.

Ahh, yes…. The best trip is to go anywhere really..

as long as it is with sumone you love. Really… anywhere. …

Doesn’t matter near or far…. Though a lovely sunset scenery wouldn’t hurt…. ;-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lancome Maqui Miracle Blogging Contest! I WON RM2,000 worth of prizes!

Alhamdulillah, I can't even begin to explain the exhilaration and the excitement of winning a contest. Rasa macam menang loteri jer weih... hahaha.. juz kidding... Nonetheless, it came as a BIG surprise when I read Nuffnang's Xinxian email telling me I'm one of the six lucky winners of the

by the way, here's the other fellow winners blog, enjoy their take on the Maqui Miracle Road Test! Amazing! 

And thank you very much NUFFNANG and LANCOME for the chance!

- Nur Hanani Binti Jaafar (

- Lee Jian Quin (

- Nur Atikah A Rahman (

- Vinnilaa Aurumugam (

- Ginny Yap (


I haven't got the chance to play with these new babies yet..... Sabaq.. sabaq.....
Should be my next lucky client....
OR maybe I should do a new video on these stuff I got... vibrating mascara, green set eyeshadows, blusher, coral lipstick, eye kohl, lip gloss, Teint Miracle foundation and others!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Road Trip wiv Kids - the happy time part plak

Tiga beranak driving dr Johor ke Melaka
Since dad had business to attend to, we all decided we had our own trip. We drove along the highway and some old beat up road following the crazy GPS taking us for a wild goose chase. Mmg nervous jugak travel jaoh juz the 3 of us.... but tawakkal sajala... Kita kena independent woman! So dr Joh*r to M'cca la aku drive berbekalkan twisties, apple and susu Dum3x. Budak2 was well behaved...

Then... akhirnya sampai la Hotel E tu setelah 3 kali buat tawaf
Bathrobe emblem hotel
 cari jalan masok. Geram betoi... dah la kol 1.30pm dah. Budak masok jer lobby dah buat perangai perak. Seronok main echo jerit2 plak dlm lobby, aku tebalkan muka jer, check in masok. Masok bilik.... haaaaaa... punya la depa suka. Aku pon tak paham apa yg seronok bilik hotel ni, semua suis and closet nak ditekan, bukak investigate. But I like decor baru business class depa.... buleh tiru buat inspirasi umah aku nih. My SOHO room...
Then, of coz they were so thrilled ngan channel Disney A5tro ... Umah kami mana ada channel tu.... so layan sakan!
Budok2 excited, 1st time dudok hotel

Dah pueh depa porak peranda bilik hotel, lapaq kan... Order ler room servis... dah lama tak makan hotel food sejak aku berenti kerja IT. Mmmm.... mmg syiok. skali skala... lama2 aku rasa bosan, nak mkn luaq gak.

Activity dlm bilik hotel

Mlm bila daddy balik kerja, kami pon berjalan cari seafood. Hangpa pi la Sg. Duyong.. seafood depa murah and sedap!!
Aku order sepahat/ambalina + lokan+ pari bakaq+sayoq campoq+sotong goreng tpg+ ns lmak 2+ nasi puteh 1+ ayaq 2 = RM57 SAja!!! 5 main laok tuuu! Laok tak sempat amik full pic... ari nak ujan.. so kena speed eating time posing2.....

Makan di Rasa Village, MYDiN Mall pon best.... sedap and murah!! Aku suka la Melaka ni, murah food dia! Parking free lak tu.... Food court mana ko nak cari ayaq less than RM3 for ABC?
Nak blik dahh

Custom Made Birthday Day Cake by my niece, Raiena

This is my birthday cake, done by my niece... with my sis's supervision. Isn't it just yummy?
Adapted from Nigella's recipe... chocolate cake with ganache, with oreo, ferrero and choc chips topping! OMG isn't that just heaven? Added  with a snow of dried coconut shavings.... strawberries dah kena songlap.... otherwise, I think it would've looked very very pro and scrumptious!

Thanks Raiena dear... lil chef!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

B Aware Of Your Kids At ALL TIME! A heart stopping xperience in Dataran Pahlawan Mall

I can't sleep...

One of those insomniac nights... and over active mind thinking about an incident I had that made me soooo worried, scared and grateful for being able to write this down as a reminder manner instead of a "Have U seen my kid?" manner

So, before I tell you the incident that made me shudder juz at the mere thought of it.... I need to reiterate how imparative/important and madly VITAL to keep your kids nearby, have eagle eye point of view of them AND also the surrounding environment near them.

Be aware of who else is near and watching them too!!!
Scan the perimeter, ok folks?

I know a lot of people disagree use of child leash, " Kesian, mcm anjing la" ... but now, to hell with that!
I know for a fact SAFETY is MORE important! Lantak mcm anjing ke ko nak kata, I am going to buy that leash and USE IT!

Dun let your kids go thru this xprience!
 Because when your 2 kids start running opposite ways in a crowded mall, I do not want to be stuck in a predicament of which one do I go after 1st.... which one should I save first?


Now after this, dun u dare ask me "isyk, kesian la... anak2 ko pakai leash plak" unless you want me to tell you, "Mind your own kids!" in an angry manner. Dah kasi amaran awal2 ya.....

OK, so here the story ... where I am SO thankful I am not in a situation of having to stick poster around town to find my missing child.

I was in M'ca town... wanting to go back KL, but had car problems and hence had an extended stay. So, to kill time whilst waiting for hubby to come back.... I decided to take my 4 and 2.5 year old kids to Dataran P*hlawan nearby our hotel. For those who have kids these age, would know how energetic and excited kids can be... especially when dad isnt around. I didn't have a leash... I held their hands, carried a backpack for their milk supplies. I did sumhow had troubles when they let go my hand and decide to run freely in the mall. I was cought in a situation where one bolted, run away like lipas kudong, and the other decide it was play time and run the opposite way. Luckily the mall wasn't packed with people, it was still early. I got away... we we're reunited. So, I thought maybe I could push my luck and take the kids to watch movie. We went and check the schedule, unfortunately the next show was an hour ahead. I thought, nevermind.... can kill time at the arcade in front of G5C....

So, the arcade had not many kids around.... it was clean and had a lot of games. I took them on a bus ride.... we then race each other at the Daytona.... then played basketball.... then the kids decides they want to play their own games.... running, separating themselves....
There wasn't many people, so I thot it wasnt that dangerous, I was getting my guards slack....
But, I decided a game at the DanceMania Duo might get both of them happy at the same place....


A teenager boy nearby the DanceMania started to look at my kids dancing away.... he was about 16-19 years old, wore a dark green t-shirt, and a dark colored pants. He had BO. He acted that he was interested in the DanceMania sound system, then parked himself nearer Aqid's cubicle to watch him dance. I was thinking it was normal for people to see kids happy jumping around.... he waited until the game stopped. Aqid went for the TimeCrisis(TC) gun.... Fea wanted to play the fight machine opposite TC...
OK, fine... then the same teenage boy came over, to the other TC gun and mock played with Aqid. I was still fine by it... just friendly kid maybe..... Aqid decided he didn't want to play pulak, turned back to join his sister....
THEN a grown man suddenly came from behind me and squat down to Aqid's level in front of me.... he put his hand around Aqid, so my son couldn't get away... he acted as if he was being playful, tried to kiss my son's cheek! By this time, I was shocked, cought unaware of the sudden unexpected stranger coming behind me.. and now invading my son's private space! Aqid normally is a very happy, extrovert and extremely friendly kid. BUT this time, he was scared, he kept shaking his head, said NO! NO!....
I was beginning to panic, thinking would it be wise to just grab my kids and haul ass outta there, would anyone come to help if I yelled help??
But, I didn't. Maybe I should....

Instead I just stood my ground, watch the grown up man in dark blue jacket and pants scooped my son who was going away and put him on a chair next to Fea. I didn't put the token in, so the demo was playing over and over again.... they stood closely to my son... the grown up man next to Aqid, the teenager boy behind Aqid... I had no choice but to stand behind Fea, next to teenager boy.... their seat was 2 feet away.

All of us was crowding, much TOO close for comfort for a bunch of strangers, watching at a lame demo playing over and over again....
MY GOD, it felt like an eternity waiting for them to leave... THEY DIDN"T!!! They fussed over Aqid again, not talking at all... . They completely ignored Fea... odd.

I was scared.... it felt downright not right from the moment he tried to hug and kiss Aqid.
I told the kids we had to go see movie now. (the kids will not oblige if I didn't say that, they would wail and persist to stay)...
The older man tried to stall me, insisting Aqid to shake his hand before leaving.. which Aqid refused ( i could sense he was scared of those men) forced Aqid to kiss his hand... the teenager boy insisted as well... I was pulling the kids away...
He finally open his mouth ...started asking where I where I stayed....


I knew he was certainly not friendly, he was just syaitan bertopengkan manusia... and had intentions of harming us!!!
thank GOD, the kids magically obeyed.. and I practically dragged them down the escalator. I was heading for the lift.....

BUT I turned back... instinct kicked in, and I choose to use the escalator... so I was not in secluded area where a LOT of things could go wrong. I kept looking back if they were following me.... then everything was getting clearer...

I think those 2 people were watching us.... they were juz waiting for the right moment.


They must have known each other. They were both side by side playing a game. They were watching how I had let the kids run,trying the games one by one.
They were already targeting us to a cubicle we were in was not visible to public in 2 angles..... there was a back entrance nearby if they suddenly wanted to escape and kidnapped my son. I was an bloody idiot for not realizing it earlier....

Now that I am at home, playing back the incident again and again..... I feel sick.... I feel violated & stupid...
I cannot even imagine if I had lost them.
The man had foreign accent... they look very tanned Asian.. had very bad case of BO. U can say I'm paranoid, but I know they were up to no good.

All I can say, I'll probably think 3-4-5 times to take the kids out on my own now...May not be able to handle it anymore. AND I am gonna get a leash for them.

So, I hope this entry may help some one out there.... do spread the words.
Dun let the N*rin tragedy happen to anyone. Be aware of your surroundings, it may help others.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A House Of Our Own... in progress

My God, these few days has been hectic....

The planning process itself, is such a warzone... :D

Anyways, following the footsteps of my good fren Mona, buying over old housing in good area and renovating it to their own taste. Nowdays, this option is way cheaper than buying a brand new house in a good area. If you dun have 1/2 a million laying around, it will be hard to get a decent house in D'sara area.

Govt had this nice plan about SKIM RUMAH PERTAMAKU.... unfortunate... where do you find RM200,000 priced house in D'sara? Apartments.. perhaps... but what about a family of 3 or 4? If the property prices keep spiralling out of control, I'm afraid we have no choice but to move into more rural area to get a decent 2 storey house with a tiny lawn.... Heck, even Semenyih & Nilai property is more than RM300K now!.... If only we had better transportation system that allows commuting rural area into the city a breeze.... dun even mention Komuter laa.... it is a sad piece of antique to remind how backward our transportation system is. .. dari aku kecik hingga la ni... masih sama aja..... My God, tak buleh ka upgrade skit?

So, anyways... here I am, wiv hubby in our major project to renovate an old house into our dream house.

So, if you guys know any good contractors in doing renovation work at great affordable price.. do let me know.
Or any great bargain for tiles, lighting, paint, wiring guy... plaster ceiling... etc... pls let me know.

Thank you in advance.