Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scissors? I need a meat cleaver!

Someone asked Elaina if she needed a scissors to cut out her husband's ex-galfriend photo from his picture. A handful of picture which should have PG13 rating... nicely kept in a box, which he wanted to bring back to their home. Rose wanted to reply, " Scissors won't do, I think I need to borrow your meat cleaver please. & keep him out of the kitchen while I'm at it!"
I'm thinking, which freaking moron wanna keep explicit picture of him n his x-galfriend romping in bed, obviously in much lurve & lust....  in their home?
No. 1, if it is already in the past, why do you still keep it?
No. 2, why is he bringing it back to their home? His no-brainer reply was, " I look thin in the pics...& it's in the past..."
Does he not have any idea what the wife would feel looking at these loving pic? & knowing he still wants to bloody keep it? I cannot imagine how heartbroken Elaina is, which all those lustey dovey images that will never be erased from her head.
Jeez, I dunno what the hell to say to Elaina, I have no clue or advice whatsoever at ALL. If that would happen to me, I'd like to borrow your hunting knife, please... So, folks... what would be your advice to save Elaina' relationship? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

i get elaina,who's rose? the friend? the hubby should realise if his wife has to live with his current pudgy condition,then any evidence of his past should be history,like his long lost waistline!

Lin Elier said...

Hello Sis,
A million different character running around, in her head.. (underneath title of the blog)

Thank you for your thoughts. True, all evidence of the past shouldn't dug up...never ever. We can be transparent wiv our partners, but leave the irrelevent details.