Monday, July 5, 2010

Ho Chi Minh not to be...

D three of us is suppose to go to Ho Chi Minh/ Saigon tomorow morning. Alas, things I guess weren't suppose to be... none of us is gonna be cruising Mekong river or waddling thru Cu Chi tunnel. I kinda predicted that as for few month I wasn't really keen on the planning. If you knew me better, I am the type that would pack a month in advance... print out several maps.. research blogs/travel website for month just to make sure we knew exactly we'll be doin for the trip. Yes, aku mmg jenis obsessive bab planning &; sangat hati2... for this trip, i didn't lift a hand. Lo and behold... few days before the trip, hubby had an important meeting he could'nt postponed it. Dah mmg no mood to go, then I oso tak pergi la... it is really a shame thought becoz the tics is RM0 fare... if we wanna go again, its like RM400 one way tauuu. Rasa rugi la plak... but then, I juz felt like.... not going. Oh well... tak pa la.... we got S'pore in Oct, prolly bandong in Dec.... we'll juz have to see what AAsia has installed for us.

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