Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elier's Cyber Garage SALE!! Mari.. mari!

Haaa... kat rumah aku ni there's so many things yang I don't use, but sayang nak buang...Guna setahun sekali, guna skali.. trus tak guna2 dah sebab sayang nak bawak kluaq....
So let me start off with this camera which hubby bought (without consulting me) ... there's nothing wrong with d camera... dun worry,, tak rosak apa pon. It's just that the Tuan which is electronically challenged tak reti nak pakai... So, I'm happy using my Nokia N95 camera. Simple & i dun have extra to carry in my bag. So, saya nak juai this camera, sapa minat, pls email your details at

Nie ha details ;
BENQ DC C1050 Digital Camera

10.0 Megapixel, 3X optical zoom, 2.5"LTPS TFT LCD,
Non-Stop Movie with Optical Zoom, 13 Scene Mode, 3:2/16:9 Resolution, Shake Free, ISO HI Potrait
c/w - original box, CD ROM Software, Warranty Card, Manual Book, Camera Pouch (Black with Red Flip Color).

RM200 aje!!!! (Harga masa beli was RM600)

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