Thursday, February 2, 2012

Garden of love

I saw a movie last nite, titled edge of the garden. Lovey dovey story, which fueled my mushy heart with rindu n old memories. My hubby is away for biz trip, n I am overly in love than usual. So, nxt morning... I was sipping my teh tarik, relaxing on our garden terrace... Looking at d flowers, I can't help thinking how much love he put into making our quaint lil garden look so serene..n pretty. He actually likes getting his hands dirty, soil n smelly bajas. Who would hv thought dat this guy is d gardening type. It is amazing how hubby still surprises me, where I thought I got him alll figured out..
Dulu2 ms kecik, I really tak paham why my mom suka bnar lawat tmn bunga, orkid exhibition etc.... Now, aku pula gila dok menengung tgk garden... Anyways..... What makes u guys mushy? Mu

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