Friday, September 7, 2012

Sop tulang power linda recipe

Rebus 1/2kg tulang in shallow water,
Bersama sekeping asam, ginger n sesudu garam.

While waiting dia slightly empok panaskan ayaq dlm belanga bersama:
Ginger ketok besar penumboq
Lengkuas 3inch ketok
Bwg puteh ketok 5ulas
Kayu manis sebatang
Buoh pelaga
Star anise, bunga cengkih,
Sup bunjot, serbok lada itam roasted,
Sekeping asam

Then when tulang nmpak lembot, angkot masok dlm belanga panas tadi. Scoop 2 mangkok stok jernih rebusan tulang sekali.
1bijik cili api.
3 kentang
3 karot potong tebal 1inch

Add garam 2 sudu, adjust la. Gula skit. Rempah sup faiza 1 sudu besor.

Rebus api slow ya. Sup masok slow2, lama2 baru daging lembot.
Temp mesti sudden changes.

After dat, nk dekat masak letak bwg besar india potong wedges and
3 tomato potong.

Lastly, hiris bwg puteh 5ulas, bwg kecik ros 5 ulas. Tumis asing in shallow oil.
Dah 3/4 garing, campak semua, with bwg oil into soup tgh reniih tu.

Bunyik zzzzsssssssss akan kluor.

Maka power soup akan jadiii.


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