Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 - A Beautiful Year, celebrated year of change

Have you ever looked back, and thought how awesome your year was?
There's nothing you would change or hope for more?

OR, do you push forward, make new year resolution..hoping to achieve it next time? You wished, and wished for the things you should have done?

Well, basically, 2012 for me it THE year.

2011, was teething year, still in muddy waters trying to swim your way into the right direction, after you decided to dive in. You're still looking back, wondering should you turn... or go forward.

2012 is looking at calender and smiling. Becoz...

We moved into a new place. Both of us decided to follow our dreams, with no regrets. We are now standing on the river banks of content and happiness.

It is very rare for me to feel content, I am a perfectionist. I am a worrier, doer and planner. I have so much goin on in my head, I think of my work, family and problems even in my sleep.

So, for the 1st time in my life.... I felt that I had finally achieved something, at peace with my self and everyone else. Content.

But, all of this wouldn't happened if i didn't decide to make that jump. To let go off everything and go where my dreams will take me. I didn't look back, I didn't wonder if I should turn back any more.

I was no longer afraid. I believed in myself.

(My husband believed in me long before I did. I hope he will achieve his dreams soon too.)

I hope some of my readers, if you are still thinking...thinking....and thinking of making a change in your life.


Just do it.

Don't worry of the HOW to get there. You gotta BELIEVE that you WILL get there, first.

Hold on to that thought, alllll the way until you get there.Because if you do not believe, you will be tempted to give up. Trust me, many times,

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shuhada said...

such an inspirational entry from u...thanx linda...semoga kita sama2 berjaya dalam mengejar mimpi...:)))