Monday, August 20, 2007

In & Out of Love (part 2)

A morning of tears, heartache & hope.

If only a marriage license comes with a manual.

Last nite, I slept holding the bby's arm. She kept crying in her sleep. Sounded so sad.
I so regret making ur life so hard 'lil baby. Mommy loves you.

I can only hope things get better for you... Sofea.

I can't believe how weird love can make or break you at the same time. I think love is the most mysterious thing in the universe. One time, it was so magical... then it was pain. Now it is about hope & holding on. When do we decide to let go? When do we give a 3rd or 4th chance?

I thought pouring my hearts out in the cyber world would make me feel better, instead I find myself numb & depressed beyond words.

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