Thursday, August 16, 2007

In & Out of Love?

I met up with an ex-colleague yesterday, I was feeling the blues & needed shopping theraphy. So, we went to Curve, I didn't buy anything... but I did lost my parking ticket (kena fine RM25)... Normally I'd be very, very frustrated.... but the talk with M was worth the unfortunate loss of $$.

We talked mostly on how things change after you have kids.... & a lot of she said made sense. I guess I needed a third person view of the situation..sometimes.. So, these are the things I need to keep in mind;

- talk it over
- understanding each other point of view
- love

So... I went home... called my hubby. Peace offering la.

Either way.... I still need 3 pairs of shoes. Dun care.


Miz said...

Salam dearie ni...darling, bersyukur dgn apa yg ada sekarang...ada hubby, ada beautiful baby :). like me, still alone...but, eh...nevamind...apa yg ada skrg itu yg kena jaga baik2... ;)

Linda Elier said...

Hi Miz (saper ni ye?)

salam 2u too. Ur rite, I kena bersyukur & look on d bright side... Sometimes, tgh sedih+marah... I forget apa yg penting. Thanks!

mizz.jul said...

it's me la linda..nuzul! hehehe..duno u will read dis or not cuz dah lama betoi post nih..heheheh