Thursday, March 3, 2011

Healthy Snack .. For A Change (Instant Oats with Nuts & Raisins)

I know, I know... mostly the foods I post here is not very diet friendly...
What can I say, I like my food full bodied, creamy & dangerously tasty... portion in rations though.. to make sure nobody dies of coronary problems...

So, for a change... here is a healthy snack created by hubby...
Apparently if you go on looking for healthy snacks in the snack/cereal aisle in supermarkets... you'll find there loads of cereal, grains (pet food if you ask me!) mixed with dried fruits & nuts too.... You know all those muesli bars & I don't know if you notice these pet food.. sorry.... healthy snacks is quite expensive.
For a box of 4 or 6 piece is almost RM20 bucks or even more!

So, what he did was buy an instant oatmeal from the supermarket, almonds, pumpkin seed, raisins from my favorite bakery shop (Bagus KD) .. toast them up, mix 'em up..... SIAP.

Nak makan, add hot water & instant low fat powder milk with a tad of brown sugar... and there u go.... Yummy, crunchy snack! Even I, who wasn't on diet found the whole thing nice!

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