Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nasi Palestine with lamb maqlubah di nasi arab, The Strand, kota damansara

If you're like me, I tend to look at the menus picture..whenever im at lost of what to order. Especially with foreign menu that has no translation of the heck it is in bm or at least English.

So, when the pics looks none too appetizing but the name sure sounds interesting... We juz play Russian roulette... Hentam sajalahh....

When my hubby ordered this new menu, he looked confused when d waiter waltz in with an almost empty white plate except it had an upside down small metal bucket.

Nganga jap...

Mana laok, nasik, kuah, side orders?

Then... D waiter angkat timba besi kecik tu... And voila!


RM17... Sedapppp... And humongous portion!

I am sooo goin there again. Another of our fav must order main course is Mandi lamb. The meat is juicy n falls right off d bones... Rice is kinda like a stronger version of biryani flavour. Served with yogurt salad... Yummy.

Fyi... The shop is facing giant kota damansara... Same row with Ice Room green shoplots. Next to Vicchuda.

Ambience wise, very minimal and quaint... It is a place to eat, simple n clean. Drinks tend to be too sweet or too bland. I'd go for d Barbican...

Cleanliness... Ok, not bad. May wanna put yr kids on a tight leash as it is near d road.

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