Sunday, January 22, 2012

test blogging via phone.... golden herbs

herbs was use as precious trading tools a long time ago. if I hadnt almost failed my sejarah, I would have more to say about significance of herbs during ancient history. But, nonetheless herbs are like jewels in my kitchen. On display with its full glory in coloring my cuisine with delicate, or major strong head on taste. But the most interesting herb I recently discovered and using not so generously for reasons I shall tell u shortly, is saffron. Apa nama melayu dia..ya? The taste on its own is... Nothing. I put it in a cup of hot water to test it out. Maybe it does taste slightly payau after a while. But that was it. So, yhen I incorporate it in its typical use for making nasi biryani. I omitted the rose water, yoghurt, evaporated milk and even the curry based, just to find out what this saffron tastes like. Much to my surprise, my nasi tastes rich, full bodied although a lot of ingredients were omitted. I can't detect other taste except that the rice tasted better than usual.
And the saffron price tag is......
Rm20,000 per kilo.
I bought it at rm10 for 0.5gm.
One flower yields 3 thin strands of reddish orange saffron. I would like to.plant one.

Is it worth it?
I would say, yes.

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