Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playschool n preschool experience baru mommy

Finally, we sent them to school... Aku rasa aku yg lebih stress and emotional... Kids were happy to see new friends, new environment.... If were up to me, mmg nk send to d best school money can buy... But hubby put it in new perspective..... We're sending them to school with objectives of : Getting the kids to learn to mingle, communicate, interact with other people. Blajar agama Learn to be independent. Ho


shuhada said...

yeaaa....the kids dah pegi bila nak cite pengalaman mereka seharian di sekolah..or else pengalaman ibu mereka seharian di rumah without the kids...hehhehehe...:)))

Unknown said...

ide bgus.. comin soon... heheh