Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kitchen Renovation Project & Dining Floor Makeover

Kitchen is our favorite place to hangout. Both me and hubby loves kitchen...

We really wanted to kitchen to be something new, rustic and homey.... A chunk of the budget, more than half of it went to the kitchen...

Although there's some details overlooked, not expected changes were there.... it is not perfect.
Nonetheless, I am still happy with the outcome.

The concept was suppose to be natural brick, rustic broken tiles ala2 meditereanean.... well, somewhere along that line....

But, bolehhh lah. Sipi2 pon jadik lerrr. (ada skit tone tension) Syukor ler Linda oi!

The original kitchen was up too the pink tiles area only.

Some of the flaws and things i hate, didn't like:
- Rubine's hood, too high... stupid cabinet people.... stupid kedai which sold it.... has the worst customer service, in puchong. Lousiest engagement I've ever made. Nak beli all this electrical stuff during expo, make sure the SA is attached to the company, bukan outsourced. Becoz you may end up having to deal with the original shop owner yg perangai mcm 'manusia' jual sayur tepi pasar. Padahal SA yg jual tu, bukan main friendly and expert giler.

- Notice the window is skewed to the right??? Pelik betol.
- Leben hob.... I hate built in glass top hob. I prefer freestanding stove to be honest... like the old days. The supposedly stainless rim of the burner is stained(!!!!) after 3 days of using it.


Aku pakai Zanussi make aku 20 tahun pon elok jer lagi, tak der karat apa pon! Bodo kan?

Bullshit betol quality barang zaman sekarang!!

OK, sabar.

The rest..... is OK la.... budget la katakan.

Here is the dining area part. The only part we changed was the floor, which we added the vinyl floor on top of the tiles. The furniture was given a facelift with fresh coat of clear shallack. We're still looking for an affordable bar stool to put at the countertop area.

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