Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What would Puss in Boots do?

Puss in Boots

This is the 101 of how to defeat bad guys.... exclusively from Puss and Kitty Softpaws.
Read on for trade secrets in how to defeat da baaaad guys...

If you wanna defeat the bad guys.... you have to be cool. That's why it is rule no #1 in how to defeat the bad guys.
So.... get your style right, start wearing classy boots or cowboy hats... or sleek ray ban rays... whatever rocks your boats. WHY?

Coz heroes has to adhere to certain codes of honour.... which is looking cool at all times.
So the bad guys will be jealous. Don't try pulling a Superman faux pas OK... You'll regret it. Ya kids will hate you for it.

You guys all heard of the expression.... cool as a cat?

Well... that's us.
Yep, ya heard it right.... Puss and Kitty Softpaws legend started that English idiom. That's how cool we are....

RULE# 2 : You gotta have a side kick.

You see.... Ya always gotta have a wing man (or woman...)
If we gonna beat the bad guys, we need all the support we can trust. A dedicated side kick will always have your back when times get rough. You know, when the public thinks lowly of you... or when the bad guys surprises you with a double whammy....

Besides..... it's good to have a stand in to defeat bad guys when you got to call in sick. Then, bad guys don't stand a chance 24X7, 365 days....

...and you still get your off day.

RULE# 3 : Have 9 lives.... (or at least lots of band-Aid)

Defeating bad guys is bad for health. Very bad.... It should come with govt warning.
Insurance policy won't cover this sorta job, ya know.
So.... have 9 lives.

RULE #4 : Good reflex.

Well, they don't say 'cat-like reflex' for nothing.....
Never heard anybody say, man like reflexes... right?

RULE#5 : An irresistable adorable demeanor...

This is the top secret. Elude d bad guys with wide eye, innocent look. It'll buy you time to kick their ass.

It takes about 30mins to master (some may require makeup, like how the Japanese gal do it)....
kung fu takes waaay too long to master... and a heck lotta pain involve.

Do it d smart way, you can find in youtube tutorials...

There you have it.... how to defeat the baaaaad guys, Puss and Kitty Softpaws style.

here's PUSS during his 'off day'

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