Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lamb Salad On A Toast

Menu tatkala bosan makan nasik, bosan mkn mee.... bosan makan kedai..... malas nak masak laok byk2....
Jadi makan gini jer la...

Lin's Lamb On A Toast Recipe

1 Slab Of Lamb Shoulder, Meat cut into smaller pieces
Marinate the lamb with mixed herbs, mixed spice, ginger powder,salt & pepper & a bit of oyster sauce.
 3-4 sliced mushroom.. fresh shitake
3 garlic sliced
Half an onion sliced

For the salad:
Half of a large ripe tomato diced
Half of a large onionthinly sliced
A handful of mint leaf
Marinade the salad with olive oil, lime/kasturi juice, salt, pepper

Cheddar Cheese grated

1. Saute the garlic & onion with olive oil
2. Add lamb pieces, cooked over high heat... rapid cooking.
3. Add a dash of oyster sauce for browning.
4. Add the mushroom.
Set aside.

Prepare the bread, preferably a wholemeal tougher type of gourmet bread... a la french loaf. Slice it, butter it lightly, layer with salad, add the lamb & and cheddar cheese on top. Toast it for few minutes. Take out and add mint leaf to give it a zing!

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