Friday, May 27, 2011

Unplanned stop over at Genting

 After few weeks of mundane life, we decided to
go ahead for an unplanned stopover in Genting on the way home frm Kuantan. All I can say, Genting Theme
Park really never changed much..... Same rides since I was a young girl..... At least the kids were very happy. The only ride that they liked very much was the car ride around the Eiffel Tower replica & the merry go round horse ride. The rest was so-so... I notice the wall and decor was covered with dust... peeling paint job...prolly old as I am now.... Takkan
la Genting x make money they can't afford a proper
cleaner? Or a make over job?

Food expensive as heck....

SAtu anak rambut stick straight, satu lagi curly semacam

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