Monday, September 6, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

All our life, we worry our head off on a LOT of things... From young, teenage to adulthood.
And a lot of times, the centre of our worries revolves around.....



Really. Seriously.

As an example, is my Rich Chocolate cake is moist enough for my guest?
C'mon, dry and hard cake is nobody's favorite.... And if the cake turns out fabulously moist, I guarantee your friends will always remember you.

Then, if you're cooking your sirloin steak, cod fish fillet or roast lamb... what is the other thing you worry besides the taste??
Is the lamb/steak moist enough?
Making double sure that your food isn't bone dry... that the juices are sealed inside together with the exquisite taste. Again, i worry if the cuisine is moist enough.

Then of course, all living things must retain enough moisture in their body to make sure the system is able to function. Healthy skin is afterall, 90% water. 90%?? Oh man, am I moist enough?

So, it is imperative for us to ensure that we always have enough moisture to maintain a harmonious life. Why do I choose 'harmony' to describe it? Well, just look at this picture ;

Yes, vanity. We all sought beautiful, healthy moist skin, if not for our own satisfaction... at least for our loved ones. Imagine the content, loving feeling that is invoked whenever he touches soft, velvety moist skin of yours.

So asked yourself, "Are you moist enough?"

C'mon, we love and adore the smooth skin of a baby, right? We envy and WISH that we could turn back time and have skin as soft and moist as a baby.... I mean, as tantalizing and how much we love durian, we would never wish to get it's spiky surface, right folks?

Well, thanks to Vaseline, your wish is granted. A product that has always been trusted since my great grandma's days. The new range cater to everyone's unique needs, Total Moisture, Intensive Rescue, Aloe Cool And Fresh and Healthy White, because everybody deserves to have Amazing Skin! If Baz Luhrmann had a choice, he'd make a song to wear Vaseline instead of sunscreen! A great investment for your skin, because when you 30 or 40, you really wished you had made.

So, ask your yourself again, "Are YOU moist enough?"


Bitter Sweet said...

ini nuffnang contest nih ;) babe, labels tu letak la nuffnang jugak..

Lin Elier said...

Ok, sat gi aku tambah.

Ms Ave T said...

This is a really nice post! All the best for the competition and do check out my entry as well? :D

Miss Ave T

Lin Elier said...

Hi Ms Ave T,

I just drop by your blog, i love the photo story!! I'll see you at the party?

Xheylie said...

Hey! If I'm not mistaken, you were the one next to me and my cousin at the party earlier? Asking whether if either one of us were a fan of spiderman? And we said we got Beyonce and Aishwarya rai. LOL. I hope you are. Just dropped by to say hi (:

Lin Elier said...

Leng Lui!!
Yes, that was me!
Just visited ur blog, very cool... love it!