Monday, September 27, 2010

Dinner Quest - Forrest Gump Style

I'm sure most of ya has seen the movie, right? But have u tried the spin off food chain/souvenir shop?

Hubby wanted to treat us with Toni Roma's (TR), but I wanted sumthing new, as we already tried TR before. Hence, after several strolling around (literally, becoz we had 2 kids in strollers).. we decided the try out Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant.
Pricey? Yeah, a bit for my standard.
Ambience? Not bad, kinda like TGIF friendly waiter thing goin on, where the crew will happily sing their heart out on yer birthday. They had crayons for kids...

Food/Taste? Their specialty is obiviously... shrimp/udang. So, that dish was great, especially if you're with a group of 4 friends. But the prime steak was dry, not much flavour. Cajun chicken was alright... but given a choice, I'd only go there for the shrimps. Tak busuk, and sangat segaq.


Bitter Sweet said...

mana gamabar si pea?

Lin Elier said...

Cik Kak tu buat prangai, tanak dudok diam... Baling2 crayon, buat merajok sana sini... gerammm.