Friday, September 24, 2010

Steamed Chocolate Cake With FudgeTopping

Happy birthday to hubby! His birthday is also an anniversary date for our tunang date... another monumentally happy event in my life. Sebb sentimental baca balik buku diary lama.... jumpa entry pasai 20th day in love, 2nd month in love la... 8 month in love la.... alahaiii... one of the things that cought my attention was how sure I was that he was the ONE. I'm sure we all fell that way, when we're madly in love ..kan? But, yang penting we still feel the same passion, same fire of excitement whenever we see them... harapfully until ajal.. or pintu syurga (if we're lucky) .

Owh back to the cake story... you know how i love chocolate cake and my quest to find the best chocolate cake recipe kan? Chocolate ni buleh buat ubat sedih hati... ubat boring... ubat kasi naik mood for ....ehem, ehem......

Slalu i bake in the oven pakai recipe Rich Dark Chocolate Cake ... but this time, aku decided nak try steamed chocolate cake plak. The result ... amazingly moist rich cake.... downside....
Ya allah... tak sukanya steam cake... Mar fan giler.. lambat giler!
But like I said, puas hati.

The topping aku blasah wat my own jer...melt cooking choc + marjerine +susu segar. Ok jer. Dun worry. Ini recipe nya ; The Lazy Chef Blog

But yg aku hangin is, Aqid decided nak buat handprint on the cake. Habisss! But I manage to fix it up... this is the result. I'm sorry kek dah hampir separuh dibaham... as usual, tak sempat nak tangkap gambaq, the kids dah mcm piranha nak ngap mangsa. Patot aku hamik gambaq depa kn tahan ngn bapak deme from attacking the cake.

 So again, sorry for the poor sloppy pics.


Bitter Sweet said...

moist kan bila kukus..sedapnya..nyum nyum

Lin Elier said...

moist giler babe, mcm texture sponge dah..... tp aku benci mengukus... sampai abis tong gas aku arini kena order.