Sunday, September 19, 2010

SALE - Original Levi's 517 Jeans

Original, bought it in Levi's Boutique in Tun Jugah Centre, Kuching.
Pristine condition, No alterations made. This is a discontinued model... Levi's tok buek doh.... Few more years, akan jadi vintage, classic jeans. :-P

Waist 27 (zaman slim dulu2...)
Color - Black
Cut - Boot Cut
Stretchable - No, slim fit around the ass, loose around the legs.
Price - RM75 (original price RM 150++)


Anonymous said...

hmmm..rasa macam muat...kalu gaji masuk boleh kita bincang ek?tapi i prefer straight cut/slim fit...tak pernah try plak bootcut..adik tak muat 27?seriously?ko bior benar lin?

Lin Elier said...

Betol... i found the jeans in pristine condition while spring cleaning, was so happy... then I tried it on. Couldn't zip it up. Darn...!

I oso found a Lee's jeans, Aman beli.. size 28 .. could't wear it comfortably too. That one is a straight cut with cutoff edge. Young rebel style though. Itu kalo akak suka, kira angkat buy one free one.