Friday, January 21, 2011

Sponsored Make Up Class At Red Glow Academy !

make up tools
I love make up! So when I was looking around for advance make up
Shikin, a very strong women
courses around KL/PJ... i found that Red Glow Academy was offering
sponsored (FREE) courses for those who are really interested, there's interview though.... if not, you've gotta pay RM2500 for these courses.

Very cool... not only you have the owners themselves, flamboyant Arlina & sweet Najwa getting hands on dabbling wiv make up, as they themselves adore make up... u also get proffesional make up artist from MAC to give insider tips to look beautiful as Siti Nurhaliza or Ziana....

I was gladly surprise to bump into fellow blogger, Mazlina whom I met at a Nuffnang Vaseline event last year... ada geng la kiranya.... met a lot of other cool people thers who share my passion for make up. Seronok giler.... & knowing the tips of getting flawless make up just like the magazine's cover gal...that is priceless babe!

We learnt how to do indoor bridal, stage, arabic inspired make session is fantasy make up. Another fun thing is, everyone takes turn to be a canvass/model... how cool is that?
I can't wait for my next class!


ManjaIxora said...

hahaha.. siott jer.. muka berminyak.. haish.. huhuhu

Lin Elier said...

Bukan minyak...
Itu glowinggg.... berseri seri!
Weih, aku kadang2 tak puas group session... rasa nak test make up one to one... ramai2 satu group, tak dapat nak focus, kan?