Monday, August 16, 2010

Coping Along

I sure suck at being a mom! Sometimes I'm scared of having another child, mana tahu they end up screwed up beyond repair becoz of me. Dun wan to go down history of being the mom to ... the world most heinous crime commited by man or sumthing to that tune.

Anyways, satu anak pon aku struggling to cope, now with 2 kids.. I am going bonkers. My worst fear is I am ruining their childhood with my lousy mothering skills. Kadang2 I terpikir to get a job so I can run away from the blame of 'tak reti jaga anak'. At least can point finger kat daycare. Terok kan.

Well, the Ramadhan is sure testing me to the limits this time. I hope I can survive... (so will the kids)

Then of course, the issue of working at home. I thought it was going to be easy... I mean, it is easy compared to 9-5 job... but time management is key, which i yet to learn to get it. Soon, insyallah. Nonetheless, I am so thankful with what I have now, time with the kids... with my loving husband. & hopefully the company will soar to where we hope it to be. Insyallah.

Lastly, here's some photos of the kids which seems to color my world with magic;


Bitter Sweet said...

hahaha, dua2 beradik masuk dalam bakui..

admie said...

haahhaha...sure huru hara umah linda...siap main dalam bakul tu yang tak tahan tu...:D

Bitter Sweet said...

babe, pasal yg cpanel yg ko tanya tu..if amik pakej yg cpanel tu, aku rasa mmg takleh integrate dgn outlook sbb cpanel tu kira based opensource guna unix..

ada yg jual 2 version, cpanel atau windows..incase ko nak integrate dgn outlook, bole amik pakej yg windows tu kut..kalau tak silap aku lah, utk lebih info, better call support company provider tu..

Lin Elier said...

Ada - Mmg sangat huru hara... abis railing curtain jatoh! Depa pakat gayot cam tarzan... Tension btol!
dah la Linda start jangkit flu depa...
Cobaan bulan Ramadhan

Jue - Thanks for the info. Aku dok pikiaq nak amik company mana laa... fenin! NetKL offer smaller space 400MB je, but unlimited email acc @ RM 60 aje
Tp Mercumaya offer 1GB storage, but 1 email aja @RM88

tapi dua2 pakai CPanel... mahai rupanya if guna Xchange... Rm100-300 above

Bitter Sweet said...

tau takpe, kalau windows based mmg mahai nak mampus..cuba ko try tgk pakej dkt internetwebhosting plak